Öz Urfa Restaurant

The Restaurant

  •  Öz Urfa Restaurant with its quality and its best servise
    is your secound home in Kusadasi and it is proud of serving
    the traditional and international delicious food since
    1959... Situated near Caravanserai and PTT that is in the
    heart of the old town, Öz Urfa Restaurant offers you true
    Turkish friendship and hospitality in its beautiful hidden
    courtyard garden. After eating something from our family
    business, you will enjoy with it and We hope that you will
    be our regular customer like others.
    Led by Ahmet ZORLU Who has graduated from business
    administration in İzmir and was vice Mayor of Kuşadası is
    the leader of the firm, Under his management You will get
    the best food and services. Ahmet ZORLU has more than 25
    years experience in the restaurant business, and his firm
    Özurfa is not only a restaurant but also a place where You
    can definitely feel yourself comfortable and relaxed like
    in your home in abroad.
     Having garden and closed area with the capacity of 100
    person and having a traditional oven Özurfa Restaurant provides
    you many facilities. You can drink a cup of coffee in front
    of the restaurant or eat something in our closed part or enjoy
    from the hidden garden... Mehmet ZORLU Who is
    a professional hotel manager and ex–manager of Aqua Center
    has an international experience in Russia with Tansu Travel
    and his restaurant partnership in Jordan and in Russia.
    In order to catch the maximum hapiness of our customers He
    always participatesin the servise.
     Mahmut ZORLU Who graduated from the history
    department in Konya and actively envolves in the aid
    organisations is a leading force in the company. He is
    responsible for the public relation of the firm and eager to
    create an international mark. Casım ZORLU Who is from the
    young generation of Zorlu Family has a leadership capacity
    and contributes to maximum quality and the best service of
    the company. Faruk KAYA Who has been working in Özurfa
    Restoran for 20 years is organising and directing the best
    services of the firm. He has an open mind and has a friendly
    character. All the staffs are competent, hard working and
    sincere. You can reach the information about Özurfa
    Restaurant in the international tourism catalogues and many
    famous tourism agencies’ first preference is of course
    Özurfa Restaurant.
    Özurfa means ‘ the real Urfa ’ it is a kind of praise
    because Urfa is a very famous place in eastern Anatolia for
    its highly developed culture and due to the birth place of
    civilisations and The Prophet Abraham was born over there.
    In addition its kebabs are very delicious so our firm with
    its quality deserves its name and maintains this tradition.